Monday, January 18, 2010

Oklahoma Winter Warm Up

As Oklahoma's winter high temps reach into the 60's, many recreational kayakers grab at the chance to sneak in a little winter paddling. My buddy Al Want (of OKC Flatwater Paddlers fame) met up with a few OKC area kayakers this weekend for a minor river adventure on the North Canadian. I've been trying to sneak away for some lake kayaking for the last several days, but I haven't made it yet. Thankfully, I've gotten to enjoy reading about he river adventures of other folk. Check out the tale of the June 2006 San Juan River trip in Enokidancer's Blog. If you can't go paddling at least you can enjoy the exploits of others.

Been Kayak Shopping, Lately?

Many folks buy their kayaks in the winter. Some choose this season to take advantage of sales and other folks just like to be ready for Spring well in advance of the warming weather. I noticed someone in Norman, Oklahoma has put their kayak for sale on Craig's List:, $200 for Old Town 16 foot kayak is quite a bargain if you looking for long, touring style kayak.

Canoe Across Missouri

Sign-up is now open for the 2010 Missouri River 340 canoe & kayak race. More details on this 340 mile canoe race across Missouri are on our Oklahoma area news blog. Canoes & kayaks are both allowed, but all boats must be paddle-powered ONLY. If you do head over to our Taste Oklahoma site, stop by the home page to check out the January 2010 list of Oklahoma Eagle watching events.

Now is a great time to start making plans and reservations for your Spring and Summer paddling trips. The best cabins is great kayaking areas like the Buffalo River, Broken Bow, Tahlequah will sell out fast later in the year.