Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Catfish and Mayflies on the Deep Fork River

Early Summer is a great time for fishing in the Deep Fork River. Dianne and I met up with our friend Greg for some excellent kayak fishing action this weekend. Dianne and Greg ran the limb lines with strong results from Friday evening through Sunday. I chased them around with my camera and tried to stay in the shade as best I could.

Limb lining is one of the most effective ways to catch catfish using a kayak. They like to lay in deep muddy holes in the riverbanks on Deep Fork, but they will come out of their holes for a small perch or goldfish dangling seductively from a tree limb. Blue catfish, Channel Cats and Flatheads grow very large in the Deep Fork River, so choose your hooks accordingly. You can also expect to see quite a bit of action from Aligator Gar, a toothy prehistoric fish that is best handled with fish handling gloves and much caution.

This weekend the fish and birds were very active due to large clouds of Mayflies in the air and covering nearly every leaf on many trees. Once mayflies have molted, they usually gather in swarms over the river to mate. The Mayfly (AKA Ephemeroptera) is considered to be among the first group of organisms to have ever taken flight. That is no surprise to me, since the Mayfly normally only lives for one day...it requires the extra speed of air travel.

It was an epic weekend, we even stapped the lights on our kayaks and did some night kayak fishing. I heartily reccomend it if you like the taste of insects. Dianne and Greg both caught the biggest catfish they had ever hauled into their kayaks...several times. I got some great pictures and had a ball watching the action. You can check out a few of the pictures that I felt were not too bloody to upload on my Flickr page at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/freewine.

Remind me to give you Dianne's fantastic recipe for pan-fried catfish fillets sometime. See you on the water!
Update 6-19-2010 - Check out the new Kayak Fishing page at OklahomaRoadTrips.com for all the details on limblining for Catfish in the Deep Fork River.

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sapulpakayaker said...

Great website!. I just bought my first kayak about 1 month ago. It's a ocean trident11 angler. I'm having a blast fishing out of it. I'v been to dripping springs beggs, pretty water, illinois,and bixhoma Your article on deep fork has me ready to head there next weekend. Keep up the good work.
David Bodenstein

pariuri sportive said...

one of the most beautiful North Canadian River...
Great article, i was reading something similar on another website that i was researching.

Dianne said...

<- Sapulpakayaker

Some people do not appreciate Deep Fork River because of the mud, but the fishing is awesome! I limb line and pull out some nice size catfish.

I really do love the muddy 'ol Deep Fork!

- Dianne