Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Paddling Spot - Grave Creek

Still not enough rain in my part of the Ozarks to enjoy any river paddling. My schedule has been too hectic to get out much these days anyway. I hope you have been enjoying the mild temperatures. I got out on Grave Creek yesterday afternoon for some much needed recreational paddling. Like most spots, Grave Creek is very low this Fall. However, there is enough water to paddle upstream a ways and Grave Creek always offers water enough to paddle down to Lake Eufaula from the boat ramp.

It was a windy afternoon, but Grave Creek is pretty well sheltered from the wind. The fish were very active and several groups of folks were out pursuing a fish dinner. Since Dianne was stuck at home with Dylan (both have beeen sick with a cold all week), I didn't bother to try any fishing. I just enjoyed a lovely evening of flatwater paddling, no permit required. Although the totally clear skies made for a lackluster sunset, the curvy nature of the creek means there are many spots where the light filters through the treetops in a way that pleases me.

For whitewater adventures, it looks like I will have to settle for my favorite Kayaking DVD's this season. During the cold season, I enjoy the exotic locations and fun soundrtrack music of both whitewater kayaking movies & kayak fishing DVD's.

In fact, the local heros from the Arkansas Canoe Club offer a cool whitewater kayaking flick called ARKAYAKANSAS. Check it out in the online store on their website: I've watched it many times and I think the Arkansas whitewater footage is pretty awesome.