Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Get An Oklahoma Water Atlas While They Last

Good news from Dave Lindo at OKC Kayak!

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation have updated and reprinted the Oklahoma Water Atlas.

This is a nice publication that Oklahoma paddlers are fortunate to have reprinted considering the condition of state and local budgets. The first run disappeared quick so don't delay. It is an ideal resource for kayak fishing in Oklahoma and it makes a great gift too.

You can pick up a free copy at the Water Resources Board or download PDF version of individual lake maps online. These lake maps show boat ramps, campsites, depths, and more for lakes all over Oklahoma. I mainly use them to discover how to find the shady, narrow, feeder creeks that offer better kayaking conditions and less motor boat traffic than the more open areas of the lake.

I use my old copy of the Oklahoma Water Atlas constantly, but the high quality materials and binding have allowed to to remain in superb condition. You may prefer river kayaking to lake paddling, but during Oklahoma's regularly occuring droughts, lake paddling may be your only choice that does not require five hours of driving.

Speaking of OKC Kayak, they have a great selection gifts for kayakers of every kind. If you don't want to shop online for kayaks and paddling gear or you need some expert advice, stop by OKC Kayak and meet Dave Lindo...you won't be disappointed. He's a standup guy...ask anyone. OKC Kayak is located at 220 N Western Ave Oklahoma City, OK. Phone: 405-553-9988.

See you on the water!


Bob said...

Start Kayaking Blog

December the slow season for kayaking. I read a few of your posts from earlier in the year having just found your blog. Being from Michigan I did not realize Oklahoma has so many great places to paddle. Nice job on your blogs.


Learn about Kayak Fishing said...

Howdy from SE Texas.
Came across your blog through blogcatalog.com
Nice blog and blog design that you have. Hope to see more posts coming again as season for kayaking will pick up again.
I hope someday I will be able to explore some of waters in OK. So far I always traveled through OK going to KS but never had time for a stop and to do some fishing or to paddle.

Thomas said...

Thanks for stopping by. SE Texas is awesome. In fact, we are heading to Caddo Lake in a couple weeks for some kayak fishing.

I sure hope we get weather like today! It is well over 70 degrees today, so the plastic navy is GO for launch! Hope you are paddling today as well.