Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunset Kayaking on a Warm Winter Day in Oklahoma!

Saturday was perfect for kayaking in Oklahoma. I hope you got outside. Dianne, Greg and I took the plastic navy to Dripping Springs Lake. They were kayak fishing while I was busy watching the skies for some of our local fishing birds. I spotted two Bald Eagles and had a great day in the sun paddling. More pics on Flickr, as usual.

The water level is still very low on Dripping Springs Lake. It has been a wickedly dry year. The Deep Fork River is not even red because Oklahoma has been dry for so long. Although the air was warm today, we realize that the water was still very cold. It is important to wear quick drying synthetics or waterproof clothes when you are doing any winter kayaking in Oklahoma.

The nylon strap that supports the seatback on my Perception Swifty just broke on this trip. It has been a tough kayak, this will be my first repair for the Swifty. Hopefully, I can grab some good pictures to share with you in February. Dianne and I are planning a trip back to Caddo Lake to see how it looks in the winter and hopefully do some kayak fishing.

I'm told the Bass fishing on Caddo Lake is excellent from Jaunary through May, so we should be right on time. It would be great to have more weather like today for our trip.
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Tyrone87 said...

What a wonderful sunset shot. This sight will be a perfect highlight of your kayaking trip. It would be great to grab a beer afterwards.

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