Monday, April 04, 2011

Coosa Kayak Catfishing and Blue Hole Returns

What an excellent weekend! We paddled our kayaks on the Deep Fork River both Saturday & Sunday. Dianne set some lines and brought home some very nice-sized catfish. Between runs, we made a quick trip to visit Dave Lindo at OKC Kayak to stock up on kayaking t-shirts and other goodies.

OKC Kayaks has an amazingly wide selection of kayaks and kayaking gear. You can test paddle kayaks in countless sizes, styles and brand names. OKC Kayak is quite close to the Oklahoma River, but we didn't bother test paddling any kayaks. Dave had sent me a Facebook message announcing the arrival of the vivid yellow Jackson Kayak Coosa we asked for. The Jackson Kayak Coosa is a sit-on-top kayak designed for river fishing. It is made-in-America by a cool family of paddlers and offers a wealth of unexpected features. We moved fast to grab one!

The Coosa provides a real dry ride, loads of storage and moves through the water pretty well for a SOT. We also picked up an extra-long Werner Skagit paddle that really speeds things up. Dianne immediately put the Coosa to the test by landing two very large flathead catfish this weekend. The stand-and-fish stability of the Coosa must be seen to be believed. I was standing in this kayak during my first demo of the boat and I am as clumsy as a hog on ice.

The good folks at OKC Kayak also helped me out by installing a new Skwoosh Pro Angler Supreme Kayak Seat in my old Perception Swifty kayak. The seat has a back rest with adjustable side wings, a rod holder and a gel seat pad. My old kayak is now better than new!

Spring River Paddling News

Planning a float trip on Oklahoma's scenic Spring River? Good News paddlers: Chet Brewington has Blue Hole Canoe Floats back in business for 2011! More info on the Spring River & Blue Hole Floats at:

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Dale Frazier Photography said...

I just ordered the same coosa you talked about in this article. I pick it up Tuesday and am excited to get it out and catch some fish.

The guys at OKC Kayaks are extremely helpful.