Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thousand Acre Lake -a Brief Return to DFWR

White Oak Area of DFWR by FreeWine
White Oak Area of DFWR, a photo by FreeWine on Flickr.
Recent rains in the Okmulgee, Oklahoma area have brought the Deep Fork River out of its banks and re-flooded the normally dry 'Thousand Acre Lake'. We went kayaking here after work yesterday.  It was a bit breezy, but very fun paddling between the thorn bushes and pecan trees.  We saw many large fish.

Finding the Elusive Thousand Acre Lake

From Highway 75, Take 20th Street, in Okmulgee, West until you reach the first STOP sign at the Okmulgee Coke Plant. Continue to folow that road west, it is now called Sharp Road. Thousand acre lake is a mile or two down Sharp Road.

Look for a parking area on the left with signs identifying it as the Deep Fork Wildlife Refuge - White Oak area. Folks are likely to be sitting there fishing. If you reach the Deep Fork River bridge on Sharp went too far.

Thousand Acre Lake is not my favorite Okmulgee County kayaking spot, but it is the most rare. It offers that 'flooded forest' vibe that makes Caddo Lake so attractive to me. I am not sure how long the water will remain, but there was plenty of water for paddling and fishing on Thursday evening.
Kayaking Thousand Acre Lake in Spring 2011

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What a beautiful picture! It's shots like that that really make me appreciate nature. Good job!