Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Fun on Oklahoma Waters

Kiamichi River Spring by FreeWine
Kiamichi River Spring, a photo by FreeWine on Flickr.
Summer is here and Oklahoma is actually getting some rain from time to time. In fact, the Illinois River is at a great level for kayaking now. I won't be able to hit that lovely river this weekend, as I had a trip already planned. (Testing out my new Teardrop Travel Trailer)

But don't let that stop you from kayaking the Illinois River this weekend! The new Oklahoma Paddle Sports Association has an Illinois River Kayaking Trip planned (non-members allowed). Checkout their website at: if you would like to join them. You can even see my devoted spouse in their most recent newsletter!

FYI - The 12th Annual Okie Noodling Tournament is July 9, 2011 and the sign-up form is online now deadline for registration is July 6, 2011. Join in or just attend and check out the massive catfish they catch at this Pauls Valley, Oklahoma Summer event.


Nikki said...

Sounds like an exciting trip!

Car said...

nice trip!! :)

Alisha Singh said...

Yes the river offers relaxed and fun filled holidays across the luxurious surrounding. Exciting !!!

Carson Lowry said...

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The beginning kayaker really should select a kayak which is either standard size or lesser in length. A person that already has experience kayaking might want to purchase a standard size or longer length kayak. An individual that is brand new to the activity doesn't need to pick up a lot of speed while kayaking; shorter kayaks have a tendency to be good for the beginner because they do not move within the water really swiftly.

Terrell said...