Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Paddling Season Arrives in Oklahoma

This Summer is ending with me not having spent nearly enough time in my kayak. I have been prioritizing work's needs all year, but I have found a solution.  IBM laid me off.  Now, my schedule should be wide open for paddling trips, right?  Actually, not so much as job hunting is pretty time consuming but I did find time to go kayaking a couple times.

I met up with my buddy Bill for some Deep Fork River paddling, he is shopping for kayaks so I let him test drive our plastic navy.  Greg met up with me for some Salt Creek paddling and a trip down Grave Creek. I didn't catch very good light on any of those trips, so I don't really have many pictures to share.  Here is a nice shot of Greg & Dianne on the Lower Mountain Fork River trip we made for my birthday last year.

Hope you find some time to do some paddling soon.  The next few weeks in Oklahoma should be prime time for outdoor fun.

If you find time, stop by the Nuyaka Creek Winery Fall Wine Festival this Saturday September 21, 2013. The whole family will be there enjoying the day.