Monday, September 04, 2017

Labor Day is for Paddling

Sure it is hot, but you just have to leave early, right? That is when you can catch the most fish and the best light anyway! Dianne and I hit the American River again this year. This section of the river is not real scenic, but it is fast clear water and it is walking distance away. We car-topped our two kayaks on foam blocks and and used one of our bikes and a short Uber ride to self shuttle.
We got a bargain on both boats. Both were on sale for the holiday and came in well below $300 hundred each. Here in California we are not required to tag them but there are darn few put-in that won't make you pay for both parking and boat launching.
As they say: "It's the land of milk and honey, but you better have good money."

I had been putting off replacing our boats, but all that flooding in TX and Louisiana got me nervous. The lime green boat is a Revel 10 kayak made by Emotion Kayaks and Dianne picked a Pelican Tracker Angler kayak. Both boats performed well on the short trip from Sunrise Recreation Area down to the take-out at Rossmore Bar. Got a plan a longer trip next time though. This one only took about an hour. We spent more time setting the shuttle up than paddling the river today!

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